No Pull Dog Harnesses: Best No Pull Harness Features

Before we get into the hows and whys of no-pull harnesses, it’s important to understand why leash pulling is so harmful for your dog. If your dog is wearing an ordinary collar, leash pulling puts a lot of stress and strain on the dog’s neck. This is true no matter the size of the dog. In fact, smaller dogs are even more prone to damaging their trachea by excessive pulling than larger dogs. Excessive pulling can also cause negative associations for your dog. For example, if your dog pulls excessively when she sees another dog and needs to be restrained or physically corrected by you, she’ll begin to associate the presence of another dog with a negative reaction from you. This can lead her to be fearful or aggressive toward other dogs. If your dog pulls excessively during walks, you’ll want to consider a no-pull harness.  

How a No Pull Harness Works

A no pull harness more evenly distributes pressure from the leash across the dog’s chest when she pulls. This gives you more control over her movement and with training, her behavior. Additionally, a no pull harness decreases the risk of injury caused by pulling against a standard collar. On a no pull harness, the leash rings are positioned so that if she pulls, the leash moves to the side and directs the dog back to you, instead of straight back like a traditional harness would. This allows you to more easily guide the dog back to your side with minimal pressure on the harness and direction from the leash.  

No Pull Harness Features

There are a few key features you’ll want to look for in a good quality no pull harness. First, you’ll want to ensure the harness has a front-facing leash ring or a side-facing leash ring. Some also have a leash ring on the back to allow you to increase or decrease the amount of control you have as you train your dog to walk without pulling. A good no pull harness will also have wider straps. Thicker and wider straps distribute pressure more evenly and also avoid chafing your dog’s skin.   It’s important to note that a no pull harness is a training tool and not intended as a end-all solution to leash pulling. You’ll have to also actively engage in training activities with your dog to ensure they truly learn to avoid pulling. The end goal is being able to walk your dog loose leash, meaning the leash is loose and your dog is walking alongside you without any pulling behavior. Check out Bark Appeal’s new line of no pull harnesses in four fashionable colors with a reflective stripe for safety.

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