5 Urgent Signs of Medical Issues in Pets

5 Urgent Signs of Medical Issues in Pets
If you notice your pet is acting unusual in any way, that is cause for concern. These 5 urgent signs of medical issues in pets should be treated urgently and immediately by a veterinarian as they indicate potentially life threatening issues your pet may be suffering from.

1. Sudden, excessive drooling –

Yes, some dogs drool A LOT. However, if you notice your dog or your cat is drooling more excessively than normal, this is a sign to get them to the vet. Excessive drooling can be signs of heatstroke, poisoning, dental problems, or other health issues.

2. Sudden, excessive thirst –

It’s normal for your pet to drink more water after being outside or on a walk. However, if your dog or cat is drinking significantly more water than usual without apparent cause, get them to the vet. Excessive water drinking can be a sign of poisoning, heatstroke, diabetes, kidney failure/disease, or other serious issues.

3. Heavy panting –

It’s normal for pets to pant when they’ve been running around and playing, especially if it’s hot outside. However, heavy panting without an apparent cause is an issue to be concerned about. Usually this type of panting is heavier, more labored breathing or for cats, prolonged open-mouthed breathing. Causes of heavy panting include heatstroke, poisoning, illness, heart failure, pneumonia and other serious illnesses.

4. Sudden change in odor –

If your pet has had a sudden change in the odor of their breath, ears, skin or gas, it’s time for a vet check up. Breath odors can indicate infections in the mouth, broken teeth or tooth decay. Odors of the ears or skin can indicate infections. Changes in gas odors, particularly if it has been going on for several days can indicate gastrointestinal problems or illnesses.

5. Change in behavior –

Some examples of changes in behavior include lethargy, inactivity, aggression, moodiness, fearfulness, lack of appetite, inability to get comfortable, pacing or he’s just not acting like himself, get him to the vet. Changes in behavior are often signs of illness or disease that if ignored, could lead to a serious emergency for your pet. For most of us, our pets are part of our family. We want what is best for them and to ensure they are healthy and happy for many years to come. Watching your pet for these 5 urgent signs of medical issues in pets is important to help catch a medical issue before it becomes serious or untreatable. Being aware of your pet’s behavior and noticing when behaviors change can help you get your pet the medical attention they need quickly.

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