Top 8 Tips for First Time Puppy Parents

Top 8 Tips for First Time Puppy Parents

Getting your first puppy or dog is exciting! It can also be fairly overwhelming. Here are the top 8 tips for first time puppy parents.

1. Assume your puppy is not house trained.

Keep your puppy contained in a crate or small gated area with puppy pads when you aren’t home to help prevent accidents. Use tasty treats to reward your puppy for successfully going potty outside. Always assume you’ll be potty training your puppy.

2. Crate and pen training isn’t just for potty.

There are a number of items in your home that can be dangerous or harmful if your puppy were to chew them up while you are out. Use crate and pen training when you are away to prevent mishaps.

3. Create a daily routine – and stick to it.

The more regular and consistent your routine, the faster and easier your pup will learn it and become comfortable and adjusted to your home. A consistent routine also helps with potty training and meal times as well.

4. Get the right food.

Make sure you buy the right type of food for your new pup’s age and stage of life, whether that be puppy or an older dog. There are a number of different diets including raw and grain free options.

5. Practice patience.

Remember that this is a period of adjustment for both you and your new puppy. Be patient and calm to allow your new pup to settle in and learn the rules of the house.

6.Harnesses help with leash training.

Start leash training your new puppy as soon as possible with one of our of puppy harness, available in a variety styles and colors to fit your discerning taste.

7. Set up comfy sleeping spots in advance.

Create one or two comfy sleeping spots for your new pup so they have a relaxing place to snooze. This also gives them a “safe space” when they feel overwhelmed.

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8. Get a variety of toys.

Remember that puppys love to bite and chew. Pick up plush toys to help them feel that need without damaging your home.

Congratulations on choosing your first puppy or dog! Dogs are excellent and loyal companions. Follow the top 8 tips for first time puppy parents and your new pup will feel right at home with you very soon.

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