Keep Your Dog Active During Winter

woman hugging haappy dog in winter clothing

Dogs need to have exercise and plenty of activity year-round for their overall well-being. Wintertime can have some challenges to your pet getting as much activity as they should from snowy days to super cold temperatures. Here are some ways to help keep your dog active during the winter.

1. Play dates – Have friends with dogs? Help both of your pups stay active by arranging regular play dates. Dogs love to chase each other, wrestle and run around. Just make sure they play nice and don’t get too rough for indoor play. If you don’t have a doggie friend your pup can play with, consider a visit to a doggie daycare while you run errands so your pup can get some play time in with other dogs.

2. Teach them new tricks – Dogs love to learn! Use this indoor time to teach them some new tricks and tasks to keep their mind active and keep them from getting bored. You can also use this time to reinforce tricks or tasks your dog has struggled with previously. Practice makes perfect!

3. Take the stairs – Have stairs in your home? Use them to get yourself and your dog some activity and exercise. Race each other up and down the stairs or if you’re not the stairs type, use a toy and throw it up and down the stairs for your pup to chase.

4. Play fetch – Dogs love to play fetch whether indoors or outdoors. Choose a toy they like to chase and play a game of toss-around with your pet. This is also a good opportunity to practice some of those training commands from tip #2 like “sit”, “stay”, “drop it” and “wait”.

5. Play in the snow – If your dog is one who can handle the colder temps and likes to play in the snow, bundle up and take them out to play in the snow. Bring a favorite toy or frisbee to get them running through the white wonderland. Just make sure to wipe them down to dry them off when you come indoors so they can warm up quickly. A no-pull or control harness is a great addition to these outdoor excursions.

6. Change up their toys – Spark their interest in playing with toys by switching out their toys for some fresh new ones. One great option is Bark Appeal’s collection of plush dog toys featuring crinkle paper and squeakers for plenty of fun. Another great option to also help keep their mind active are treat puzzles and treat balls to get them more excited about playing with toys.

Keeping your dog active during the winter can sound like a challenge. However, with these 6 tips, you’ll help your dog get plenty of activity into each day. Keeping your dog active year-round is important for their health and well-being – mind and body.

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