Can CBD Oil Help My Cat?

The benefits of CBD oil for people and dogs has been well documented. However, not as much research and documentation has been done regarding the use of CBD oil for cats. So, can CBD oil help your cat? Potentially, yes. There are some important things to know before using a CBD product with your cat.

1. Make sure the CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant and not the marijuana plant. CBD oil derived from hemp tends to have a lower THC level than CBD derived from the marijuana plant. THC can be toxic to your cat. Any CBD product you intend to use with your cat should not exceed 0.3% THC content.

2. Cats process supplements and substances differently than humans and dogs. It’s important to talk with your vet before starting any CBD treatment with your cat to ensure it is safe.

3. While deemed generally safe for cats in accurate, by-weight doses, cats can experience side effects from CBD oil such as sleepiness/sedation or gastrointestinal upset. Always monitor your cat for adverse effects when treating with CBD oil.

4. Always keep quality in mind and choose a CBD product that is tested for contaminants and content through a third-party lab, such as P.E.T. CBD, offered by Bark Appeal. Cats react easily to contaminants and THC so it is important that any CBD product you choose for your cat is rigorously tested.

5. Base dosage on your cat’s weight. Start low and go slow, gradually increasing the dose to reach the desired dose for your cat’s weight. Monitor your cat for signs of side effects with every dose. If you notice changes in their appetite (lack of appetite) or changes in their sleeping patterns, discontinue use immediately.

6. Ways CBD oil might possibly help your cat include reducing anxiety and stress, reducing pain and inflammation – particularly in joints and reducing frequency and severity of seizures/epilepsy. It can help your cat to relax and improve their quality of life, particularly in aging cats.

The list of potential benefits CBD oil can provide for your cat could improve their quality of life. The important thing to remember when starting a CBD oil treatment with your cat is to make sure you choose a high quality product and closely monitor your cat for signs of adverse reaction. While less studies have been done on the effect of CBD oil on cats compared to people or dogs, there are enough studies to suggest that when used cautiously and appropriately according to weight, CBD oil can provide a number of possible benefits for your cat.