Choosing the Right Harness for Your Dog

black dog in red plaid harness with red collar and leash

Does your dog pull during walks? Does your dog overheat easily in the warmer months? Did you know there are different types and styles of harnesses to help with those issues? Depending on your dog and specific needs, there are dog harnesses that can help you with keeping control of your dog on walks or keeping them more comfortable in the summer heat. Let’s explore a few specific Bark Appeal harnesses and how they can help your dog. Follow along as we help you choose the right harness for you dog.

girl in community walking dog in no pull harnessReflective No-Pull Dog Harness

This harness was designed specifically to discourage pulling during walks. The harness features 3 options for attaching the leash, including no-pull side rings, to give you maximum control while on a walk. While the side rings discourage pulling, there is also a handle on the harness should you need to hold your dog more securely at a street crossing or when encountering other dogs. The handle also allows you to stop your dog and correct them without harm. This harness also has reflective trim to help with visibility during night-time walks. Check out this harness in a variety of styles and colors.

dutch shepherd in black control harness

Control Dog Harness

For dogs that require a bit more control from you while on walks, there is the control dog harness. This harness is adjustable in four places to get a perfect, snug fit. It features two connection points, including a front D-ring attachment to more easily redirect your dog from pulling. A martingale loop provides gentle pressure on the neck to help you guide your dog without harm or injury. This harness also features reflective trim to aid in visibility while walking at night. This harness provides the ultimate in control while on walks. Find this harness in several colors to fit your pet’s style.

black dog in pink netted step in harnessNetted Step In Dog Harness

The netted step in dog harness is the ultimate in comfort for dogs that overheat easily during the warmer months. The netted material allows for the maximum airflow around your pet while still keeping them safe and secure in a harness. The step in design makes it easy to put on and take off while the heavy duty buckle provides the security you rely on in a harness. This harness is non-choking and adjustable for a secure fit. This harness comes in eight fashionable colors, shown here in pink.

If your dog pulls during walks, is difficult to control or just needs to stay as cool as possible during the summer months, Bark Appeal can help you choose the right harness to meet your needs. While this blog highlighted our Reflective No-Pull Harness, our Control Harness and our Netted Step In Harness, we have a number of different styles and types of harnesses, collars, leashes, toys and treats to meet your dog’s needs.


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