High Tech Gadgets for Your Pet

Technology has gone to the dogs (and cats)! With technology, you can play with your pet, soothe your pet and secure your pet using these high tech gadgets for your pet. Let’s take a peek!

  1. Self-Warming Pet Bed – The self-warming pet bed uses Mylar space blanket technology to capture and generate heat for your pet, mostly powered by their own body heat. The bed uses no electricity or batteries so it’s safer and keeps your pet cozy on those cold or dreary days.
  2. Automatic Rotating Laser – If your pet loves the laser pointer, you can give them hours of play without a finger. The automatic rotating laser has an adjustable timer, multiple speed settings and 16 different patterns for the ultimate play time for your pet. While this toy is marketed for cats, many dogs enjoy playing with laser pointers too so we think it would be great for your pupper doggo also.
  3. Talking Babble Ball – This tennis ball-sized talking ball toy has 20 different sayings or animal sounds that play whenever your dog moves it or pushes it around. From “good doggy” to “come here puppy” and a variety of animal sounds, its sure to keep your pooch entertained.
  4. Seat Belt Leash – Bark Appeal’s own seat belt leash is designed to keep your pup locked and loaded while on the go. The seat belt leash buckles into a standard seat belt and keeps your dog restrained in the event of a sudden stop. It also helps keep your pet from distracting you while you’re driving.
  5. iCalmCat and iCalmDog – The iCalmCat and iCalmDog are small speakers that play music specifically shown to calm pets during stressful events such as a trip to the vet or the groomer. The speaker can also help disguise noise from fireworks and storms that stress your pet.
  6. Collapsible Food/Water Dish – When you’re on the go, the collapsible food/water dish is an essential Bark Appeal gadget to have. Easily collapses when not in use and expands to provide a clean and safe food or water dish for your pet when you are out on an adventure.
  7. Secure Doggy Door – Prevent unwanted animals from sneaking into your home with a doggy door that recognizes when your dog is ready to go in or out but doesn’t open for anyone else. Your dog wears a special collar that syncs with the door to let only him in and out and not any other animal that happens by.
  8. Treat Pouch with Belt Clip – Reward your pet from anywhere when you carry the treats with you clipped right on your belt. Great for training and reinforcing good pupper behavior while out in public or at the dog park.

Technology enhances our lives as humans, so of course it can enhance our pet’s life! You can play with your pet, secure your pet, help your pet be cozy and warm and soothe your pet when they’re anxious all with these high tech gadgets for your pet.