Helping Your Dog with Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a chronic and often painful condition for your pet. Hip dysplasia is an abnormal formation of the hip joint during growth, most often seen in larger breed dogs though some smaller dogs can experience this also. As the dog ages, it often leads to joint damage and osteoarthritis in the affected joint(s). In its later stages, it can be painful for the dog and can limit his mobility. There are some things you can do to help your dog with hip dysplasia.

1. Low-impact exercise – Think slow and short walks or even swimming or hydrotherapy.

2. Warmth – Cold weather can make the pain of hip dysplasia worse. Dress your dog in a coat or sweater and add extra bedding to their sleeping spots to keep them comfortable and cozy when it’s cold.

3. Avoid stairs – Climbing stairs puts extra strain on your pup’s joints. Use ramps to help your pup avoid the stairs.

4. Watch weight – Make sure your pooch stays at a healthy weight for his frame. Excess weight puts extra stress on hip joints and can result in increased pain.

5. Think holistically – Some holistic treatments could help your dog with the pain of his condition, including acupressure and acupuncture. Both have been used to help dogs with hip dysplasia.

6. Consider cartilage – Just like in humans, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplements can help ease joint aches and pains in dogs. Consider adding a supplement made for dogs to their daily routine.

7. Be aware – Always make sure you understand your dog’s limitations and that any dog walkers or pet sitters know their limitations as well. Staying within their limitations helps them avoid unnecessary pain and stress on their joints.

8. Consider CBD – CBD oil and CBD treats can help with the pain and inflammation associated with hip dysplasia. Just make sure you use a brand made for pets such as P.E.T. CBD treats and oil from Bark Appeal.

9. Massage – Some providers offer canine massage but you can also learn how to do this yourself. For extra treatment power, use a CBD balm such as the P.E.T. CBD Soothing Body Butter for pets from Bark Appeal.

Helping your dog with hip dysplasia can sound complicated but it’s actually quite simple. Anything you can do to reduce stress on your pet’s hip joints and to soothe the surrounding inflamed and achy muscles will help your pet live more comfortably with this chronic condition.