Pet CBD for Happy Pets

What is CBD and What is it Used for in Pets?

Relief When They Need It

Pet owners asked, and we answered: Bark Appeal Pet Supplies now offers CBD
supplements with our Purely Ex-Tracted (P.E.T.) CBD line.

Bark Appeal knows that the health and comfort of your cat, dog, and other pets is
paramount. But wellness isn’t about cutting corners—you need a trustworthy,
effective treatment to keep your pet happy and comfortable.

Why Use Pet CBD?

CBD Oil Testing ProcessCannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural substance derived from the hemp plant. This legal compound gives the benefits of hemp without the psychoactive compounds that produce a high.
CBD is popular in human products, but your pets will love CBD, too. Many pet
parents use CBD to help their pets stay calm, comfortable, and mobile as pet CBD
often alleviates symptoms like:
● Anxiety or nervousness
● Joint discomfort or pain
● Inflammation
● Reduced appetite
Pet CBD works on the endocannabinoid system in your pet’s nervous system,
keeping the body in a more normal state. When you put your pet on a CBD
regimen, you could see:
● A more calm, relaxed pet
● A shinier, healthier coat
● Increased mobility and comfort for aching joints
While you should always consult your veterinarian before introducing pet CBD, it
can be a great, natural option for alleviating your pet’s distress or discomfort.

How Our Pet CBD Is Different?

Grown and manufactured in the USA

We know where our hemp comes from. Our pet CBD is grown in Oregon. We
manufacture and process all CBD at a Florida plant, which is registered with the
FDA and holds a Good Manufacturing Practice seal.

Sustainably and safely grown

Our pet CBD is not only Farm Bill Compliant, but it’s grown with your pet in mind.
Our organically-grown hemp CBD is free of pesticides, non-GMO, gluten-free, and
contains no heavy metals or harsh solvents.

Stringent testing guidelines

We don’t gamble with your pet’s health. Bark Appeal Pet Supplies tests all hemp
three times before extraction. After extraction, the CBD is sent to a third-party lab
for another round of testing. Rely on our consistent, quality CBD to give your pet
the safe relief they deserve.

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