To Survive Alaska, reindeer have to be tough. These reindeer racks grow to full size, harden to bone and then they are naturally shed and the cycle starts again. These antlers, a product of the USA, make a great dog chew and are a healthy and natural way to put these antlers to use.

Our Antlers are sourced from a free-range farm in Alaska.

The antlers are naturally shed then harvested.

Due to this natural process, length and weight may vary.

Small Antler Chew-Approx. 1oz

Medium Antler Chew-Approx. 2oz

Caution: This is a pet chew and not intended for human consumption. Always supervise pet while eating to ensure pet breaks chew down into small pieces before consuming. If chew is consumed rapidly or in large chunks, there is a danger of choking.